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Wellness Exams

Here at TVH, we believe preventative medicine is essential. Yearly physical exams by Dr. Woodham are important for your pet's health. Wellness exams also include vaccines, testing fecal for intestinal parasites, and heartworm testing.


Our in-house testing includes hematology, urinalysis, fecal testing, and more. We also work with specialized laboratories when more extensive diagnostic testing is required.


On-site x-rays mean better and faster care for your pets! With our digital a-ray machine, we will be able to see any foreign objects, broken bones, kidney stones and more.


We understand the idea of surgery is scary, which is why we take extra precautions when your family member is under our care. We offer ovariohysterectomies, neuters, lump removal, and various other surgeries.

A quick, easy and affordable option that could prevent a lot of heartache! Ask us just how easy it is!


Early Morning Drop-Offs

Have to get to work early? For your convenience, we offer early morning drop-offs starting at 7 a.m. If you come before 8:00, just ring the doorbell and our technician will get you checked in. In a rush? Fill out this form and bring it with you.


The health of your dog's mouth and teeth is very important. Poor mouth health can lead to many other conditions. We offer cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction, and minor dental surgery.

Boarding at The Inn @ TVH

Our boarding facilities are very spacious and each dog is treated to an individual kennel. They have plenty of outside time as well. Bedding, food, and fresh water are always provided but if your pet is on a special diet, we do recommend bringing your own food. We also have a separate area strictly for cats. It is closely monitored by our staff and kept quiet, away from the dogs. Pricing for dogs is based on their weight, so feel free to give us a call for prices! Click here for our boarding forms.

Doggie Day Spa

At the Doggie Day Spa at TVH all baths include: ear cleaning, blow dry, brush out and a spritz of perfume. We have many options for shampoo, from soothing aloe & oatmeal, sweet sugar cookie, and even flea & tick. Fuller coated dogs can be subject to an additional charge. We also offer nail trims, dremmel filing, and expressing anal glands. We apologize but at this time we do not offer full grooming. Drop off hours for the spa are the same as our normal business hours, Monday thru Friday as early as 7am.

Pharmacy, Food & Products

We have an extensive inventory of medications, flea & heartworm preventatives, shampoos, specialty foods and treats. Click here to view our gallery of products!

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